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20 EUR
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18 km - Merelbeke

Guardian with backyard + daily walks

Last contacted 2 days ago
10 EUR
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9 km - Ouwegem

Hof Ten Bos

18 recurring guests
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25 EUR
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18 km - Oosterzele

Fantastic Beasts

24 recurring guests
25 EUR
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7 km - Maarkedal


4 recurring guests
20 EUR
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15 km - Deinze

Zoek je een plek waar je trouwe viervoeter zichzelf kan zijn daarvoor kan je bij ons zijn

Last booked 11 days ago
23 EUR
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18 km - Lierde

Enthousiaste opvang voor jouw enthousiaste hond

Last contacted 8 days ago
28 EUR
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15 km - Avelgem


2 recurring guests
25 EUR
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15 km - Deinze

Dog's Dream

1 recurring guest
25 EUR
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2 km - Oudenaarde

Love Pets

2 recurring guests
30 EUR
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8 km - Maarkedal

Luxueus Hondenhotel In De Vlaamse Ardennen

Last contacted 2 days ago
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Why dog boarding ?

For pet parents, one of the hardest things about going to work each day is wondering what your dog will get up to while you are gone. At Pawshake, we understand that dogs need activity and interaction during the day, so why not book your dog with one of our trusted sitters in Oudenaarde for a doggy day care service? You can drop your dog off at the sitter’s home on the way to work or organise with your local Oudenaarde Pawshake sitter to pick up and drop off your dog for you.

Pet day care is a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically active during the day so that you can come home to a happy, relaxed dog. Pawshake’s home day care service is great for young dogs who need constant supervision: puppy daycare allows your pup to maintain a consistent routine, which is important during the toilet training process. It’s also a great option for dogs who need extra care and attention, or those who are extra active.

Our sitters who offer doggy day care and puppy daycare services are more adaptable than your average big day care centre. Numbers are kept small and some Pawshake sitters will only take in one dog at a time. This means they can work around your timing and any special requirements your dog may have. So, let your four-legged best friend enjoy their day with a fun and loving Oudenaarde sitter who will shower them with love and dedicated attention. On top of that, you will also get photos and updates during the day so that you can follow your dog’s day care adventures!

Every day care booking also comes included with The Pawshake Guarantee, which includes veterinary coverage, customer service support 7 days a week and more.

Pet owners book dog boarding in Oudenaarde on Pawshake. Over 896 pet owners in Oudenaarde have left a review, with an average of 4.92/5. All paid safely using Bancontact, Mastercard, American Express

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