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Dog boarding is an overnight pet care service at the sitter's home

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12 EUR


0.4 km - Liège

Dog-sitting Liège Et Environs

7 recurring guests
Après des années d'expérience remplies d'affection pour les animaux, j'ai envie de me dédier au pet sitting. Avec quelqu ...
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11 EUR


0.7 km - Liège

Le Zoo De Pierrot

3 recurring guests
Review by Brian: Lovely chap and Nico seemed to have a “ball” in his company. Pierre kept me updated and informed during my stay in Liege ...
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14 EUR


16.9 km - Tongeren

Lisa's Diertjes

6 recurring guests
Ik ben 24 jaar en werk als zorgkundige. Mijn hobby's zijn muziek zoals gitaar en piano. Ik ga ook graag eens lopen met m ...
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15 EUR


2.4 km - Liège

Sweet Home Pour Vos Animaux

1 recurring guest
Bonjour, J'ai 26 ans et j'habite une maison en colocation à Angleur. Je possède une adorable chienne, Lola, qui est l ...
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10 EUR


0.4 km - Liège

Dog-sitting Liège

Last contacted 5 days ago
Depuis de longues années, j'ai des chiens que nous avons adoptés au refuge de Cointe. Lorsque je fais du dog sitting, le ...
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15 EUR


19.9 km - Comblain-au-Pont

La Belle Vie

1 recurring guest
Bonjour, Nous sommes une famille, mon mari et moi, notre fils de 15 ans et nos 3 filles à 4 pattes...sans oublier la t ...
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15 EUR


1.5 km - Liège

Le Bien-être Animal Avant Tout.

3 recurring guests
Habitant dans un petit havre de paix au centre ville, je vous offre mes bons soins pour votre animal dans ce royaume de ...
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12 EUR


6.6 km - Chaudfontaine

Petsitter Tilff

3 recurring guests
Bonjour Je m'appelle Bérénice et j'ai 20 ans. J'ai toujours grandi avec des animaux (4 chats et 2 chiens chez mes paren ...
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12 EUR


17.7 km - Dison

Garde Vos Petits Animaux (nac)

Bonjour, j'ai 38 ans et une quirielle d'animaux. Je ne garde pas de chien ni de chat chez moi car j'en ai déjà et je ne ...
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Bérénice offers Dog Boarding near Liège
Barbara offers Dog Boarding near Liège

Why dog boarding ?

At Pawshake, we are all dog lovers ourselves, so we understand how stressful it can be to think about where your dog will stay when you need to go out of town. Dog boarding kennels might not always be a suitable option as they can often be far away, overcrowded, or unable to manage your dog’s individual needs.

Thankfully, Pawshake makes the process of finding a local pet sitter in Liège easy and stress free. Our pet sitters each go through a strict verification process and when they offer dog boarding, they also have to include photos of their home environment so that you can really see where your dog will be staying. Each sitter is verified individually by our trust and safety team and they also have reviews from other pet owners on their profiles. Above all else, you can trust that they will love your dog as much as you do during their dog boarding stay.

The benefits of using a Pawshake sitter is that your dog will stay in an environment similar to what you provide at home and will get plenty of cuddles and attention. On top of that, our friendly Liège dog boarding sitters are very flexible and will happily follow any routines, special instructions or requirements your dog may have. This is important for dogs as they can be a little uneasy about being away from home for the first time, so having a routine and a familiar environment (like another home in Liège) will make the dog boarding experience very positive for them.

If your dog is a couch potato and would prefer to hang inside all day, your Liège Pawshake sitter will happily indulge them with lots of belly rubs during their dog boarding stay. Or if your dog is more active and prefers to go on daily walks and chase a ball, your pet sitter can accommodate that too! Think of dog boarding with a Pawshake sitter as a chance for your dog to have their own holiday.

Pawshake sitters charge a reasonable rate which includes daily updates, unlimited cuddles and playtime. This means you don’t have to worry about the price or paying extra for those services. This makes our dog boarding services an affordable alternative to traditional dog boarding kennels where you can be charged extra for each request.

Additionally, you can go on your trip without worry as all dog boarding bookings on Pawshake are covered by our premium insurance and 24-hour customer support team. This gives you and the sitter peace of mind during the entire dog boarding booking.

Our Pawshake sitters come from a diverse range of backgrounds and many are professionals in the pet care industry themselves. We have pet sitters that range from vets and nurses, to dog trainers and rescue volunteers. With such a wide range of skill sets, you are sure to meet a sitter that will meet your dog’s needs.

Do you have a love for dogs and a space to share yourself? Why not consider being a pet sitter with Pawshake in Liège and offering dog boarding options yourself? We offer 24-hour customer support, insurance, and the benefit of flexibility. You get to choose when and how much dog boarding work you want to have. The application process is easy and we are always looking for new sitters in Liège to be a part of the Pawshake team.

Pet owners book dog boarding in Liège on Pawshake. Over 44 pet owners in Liège have left a review, with an average of 5/5. All paid safely using Bancontact, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express

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