Why are we called Pawshake ?

Why are we called Pawshake ?

The Pawshake Moment

It's hard to forget the special moment when pet sitters and animals meet for the first time. Maybe the host family's dog bounds across the yard and begins playing immediately with the newcomer. Or, maybe the cat greets the pet sitter with suspicion, only to end up purring in his lap a few moments later. However it happens, the Pawshake Moment often marks the beginning of a meaningful friendship and working relationship between owner and pet sitter. 

Owners and Pet Sitters: The Right Fit

The best way to judge how good someone is with animals is to see them in action. With the Pawshake website, we try to replicate this experience online. By exploring the profiles of the pet sitters, it's easy for owners to get a clear sense of compatibility: 

  • Photos: Does the environment of the pet sitter correspond to the needs of your pet? Are there photos of the pet sitter handling other pets? 
  • Description: Has the pet sitter made the effort to create an informative and personable profile? What are the reasons they're offering their services on Pawshake?
  • Expertise: Every pet is unique and has its own story. Does your cat need an insulin shot? Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? In the "Specific Skills" section, you can learn more about the expertise of the pet sitter and decide if it's good fit for your animal. 
  • Verification: Every pet sitter registered on the site is verified by Pawshake. This verification can be found in the user's profile. 
  • Reviews: After every booking, owners rate their pet sitter and thereby send a message to the community about the quality of the service. Pawshake takes community integrity very seriously and, in the event of poor ratings, may remove a pet sitter's profile. 

From Handshake to Pawshake

The two images below say more than a thousand words:

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