Clean Secure Holiday Home For Cats And Dogs

Clean Secure Holiday Home For Cats And Dogs

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Hi, I'm Thomas!

I have a clean home that has been recently refurbished available for your pet to feel at home. 

Your pet will be able to stay with me and my partner (Mathilde) with their own room and space to sleep.

I work from home every weekday so your pet will be very comfortable and well looked after! 

This ground floor flat includes a small garden to run around. The garden is surrounded on all sides by very high walls to prevent all dogs and cats from escaping. 

My flat includes a cat flap and well secured doors and windows to stop intruders. There is also a registered vet on the same road as my apartment in case of emergency. 

I have lots of experience caring for dogs and cats. I am happy to cater to the needs of your animal. 

I am also happy to provide dog and cat sitting services in your home upon request.

My apartment includes two very friendly and happy cats, who have lived with other cats and dogs from an very early age.  These cats are never aggressive and fantastic with other people and animals. 

Please let me know if you have any special requirments for your pet cat or dog and I will gladly respond to any queries. 

I am originally from England and my partner is French so please let me know in either language about any questions you may have. 

Specific Skills

I speak English
<1 year of experience

I have two small cats - Mittain and Morrisette - which I adore and have looked after for 3 years. 

I have multiple years of experience living and taking care of dogs and cats.

As an animal lover your pet would be welcome and taken good care of in my home. 

I also offer

Pick up / drop off


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

No kids
A fully fenced backyard
A small outdoor area

I can provide

24/7 supervision
Emergency transport

Resident Pets

When your pet stays with me

I accept


Walking areas

Urban, city park & forest
Nearby off-leash dog area


Only dogs older than 1 year.

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